Guglielmo Marconi the father of Radio

... my inventions are for saving
the humanity, not for destroying her ...
Guglielmo Marconi


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The Sierra Papa International Cultural dx Group was born on 1987 in La Spezia city - located in North west coasts of Italy. In the gulf of La Spezia Guglielmo Marconi, the father of the radio communications, spent many time to experiment around his important radio transmissions. Then a group of radio operators decided to remember the events and the tradition of the universal message of Guglielmo Marconi.

Coherer receiver 1897 Marconi model - see Radio Centenary 1995 qsl B Elettra ship - see Radio Centenary 1995 qsl D  disposition of Guglielmo Marconi transmitter 1897 - see Radio Centenary 1995 qsl A  disposition of Guglielmo Marconi receiver 1897 - see Radio Centenary 1995 qsl C  experiments of Marconi's wireless telegraphy at La Spezia 1897 - see the official qsl of the Group

We are an international Club with a legal statute as Organization for radio operators ( CB - HAM - DX - PACKET - DIG - SWL )

Our Group is interested to study the phenomenology of the radio emissions and the science of its applications: hobby, utility, propagation, packet, digital, emergency, etc. with a particular care of the world of 11 meters band.

Sierra Papa Group - Network

The Sierra Papa is an Organization that promotes cultural, technical and informative manifestations, its have the only interest to create bonds of friendship with Radio and Science through all the peoples of the world.

Spark Transmitter by Guglielmo Marconi - La Spezia 1897
Spark Transmitter - Used by Guglielmo Marconi at S. Bartolomeo location ,
with Righi's oscillator, Ruhmkorff coil , Morse key and battery
(1897 - La Spezia SP - Italy)

The first Group QSL

The official Group QSL

Qsl banner

This photography, allowed by Archivio Fotografico del Comune di La Spezia, dispays Guglielmo Marconi 22 years old and his radio, aboard Royal Italian Navy Tug-Boat N.8 , anchored in the Gulf of La Spezia (SP) on July 1897.

He was while becaming his first experiences around Radio ricetransmission or better Wireless telegraphy.

In the town of La Spezia and its gulf Marconi went on applying himself to Radio experience till the '30 years.

This is the first and official QSL of the Group since 1987 !


On board Elettra ship, with his studies around - shortest waves - , he open the way at radar and satellite communications.

Guglielmo Marconi

Guglielmo Marconi RTX


Guglielmo Marconi RTX

Guglielmo Marconi

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