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Radio Century Qsl A
- QSL (A) -

This QSL displays the typical disposition of the transmitter used by Guglielmo Marconi, during his famous experimentations with the supervision of Royal Italian Navy on July 1897 from location - S. Bartolomeo - La Spezia (SP).
This radio contact linked about 18 Km. The FIRST true and OFFICIAL DX for Italian authorities.

Radio Century Qsl B
- QSL (B) -

This QSL displays a Coherer reicever model, used by Guglielmo Marconi on 1897 in the gulf of La Spezia (SP) , during his first experimentations around long distance Radio contacts between mobile stations (ships).

Coherer receiver 1897 Marconi model - see Radio Centenary 1995 qsl B Elettra ship - see Radio Centenary 1995 qsl D  disposition of Guglielmo Marconi transmitter 1897 - see Radio Centenary 1995 qsl A  disposition of Guglielmo Marconi receiver 1897 - see Radio Centenary 1995 qsl C  experiments of Marconi's wireless telegraphy at La Spezia 1897 - see the official qsl of the Group

Marconi's Radio Reperts - Early Radio
Early Radio reperts
    These reperts are allowed with authorization by
- Museo Tecnico Navale - of La Spezia / Italian Navy
Marconi's Radio Reperts - Early Radio

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