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Radio Century Qsl C
- QSL (C) -

On this QSL you can see the classical disposition of receiving station with Morse decoder, used by Guglielmo Marconi during the historical event on July 1897 in the gulf of La Spezia.

We commemorate this event since 1987 with the Official Group QSL

Radio Century Qsl D
- QSL (D) -

This QSL display the famous Elettra ship, a true super floating laboratory, aboard it Guglielmo Marconi spent a big lot of his life time and where he made wonderful inventions...
Of course the history and the life of Marconi had very strong bonds with the sea and with the city of La Spezia (SP).

Old key

These reperts are allowed with authorization by :
- Museo Tecnico Navale - of La Spezia / Italian Navy

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